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Welcome to TurnBlue

I am a freelance PPC Consultant based in Surrey, and I work with clients across the UK.

Pay Per Click, often known as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing, connects internet users with your products and services by displaying ads on search engine sites and other sites. An ad may take the form of a text ad as seen below or it may be an image, audio or video ad. The main search engines that offer this service are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Each time somebody clicks on one of your ads you pay a fee. You can set a daily budget and you will not spend any more than this on average across the month.

Freelance PPC Consultant Text Ad

Freelance PPC Consultant Text Ad

My Experience

I have 4 years experience of running profitable Adwords campaigns for companies in a variety of markets, including property, finance, motoring and medical. I strive to help you achieve the business goals of your website by delivering highly targeted traffic that is more likely to take up your products and services.  As an experienced PPC Consultant I pride myself on my ability to understand your business and provide thoughtful campaigns that deliver breadth and volume of traffic.

PPC Consultant Costs

PPC costs will vary depending on the nature of your site and what is involved with the campaign set-up. Generally, the greater volume of keywords involved, the more expensive the set-up is. The campaigns will also require management on an ongoing basis, so that the campaigns are optimised and always performing at their best. Optimising a campaign means that in the long term you may pay a lower Cost Per Click (CPC).

If you would like to know more about my PPC Consultant services, then please use the contact form for a free consultation.

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