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How to find out your rank in Google, Yahoo! and MSN

I thought I’d share the methods I use to determine rank in Google for a keyword or a set of keywords. The most reliable method is of course to go through Google itself and see exactly where your website ranks. But what if you don’t know roughly where your website is ranked? One method is which determines your rank in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask. The downside to this method is that you need a Google API key. Another method I’ve used is SEO Elite (a review of this software to be posted soon!). This allows you the advantage of inputting as many keywords as you like and having them checked on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Alltheweb and Altavista. There is also Digital Point’s Keyword Ranking Tool which is free and allows rank checking of your website on Google, Yahoo! and MSN, whilst also allowing you to input multiple keywords.

SEO Elite Search Engine Rankings

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