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Predicting traffic using Google Adwords Traffic Estimator

In my experience it is particularly difficult to predict or estimate searches per day for a keyword phrase. One method I’ve used is using by way of a Wordtracker paid account, although the estimates are presumably wildly inaccurate, but give an idea for many keywords. As an alternative why not try Google Adwords Traffic Estimator to predict the amount of traffic?

Google Adwords Traffic Estimator

For example I entered ‘internet marketing blog’ as the keyword and selected all countries and territories. The result came back with 16 clicks per day. To estimate the number of impressions and therefore searches per day, I assumed that the click through rate (CTR) that Google uses is 5% (i.e. only 5% of searchers click on an ad). If 16 clicks = 5% then 100% requires multiplying by 20. So 16 x 20 = 320 searches per day. You could then go on to predict the traffic from Yahoo! and MSN by taking a percentage of the Google searches. For example you might say that Google has a share of 70% of searches, so Yahoo! and MSN might have 25% of searches and so 320 x 25% = 80 searches. So a rough prediction of traffic from Google, Yahoo! and MSN would be 320 + 80 searches = 400 searches for ‘internet marketing blog’, presumably also a highly inaccurate figure!

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